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The following questions are designed to act as a helpful guide for arranging your clean. If you are still unsure over any information then please complete an enquiry form or contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have never had a cleaner before. What can I expect?

When arranging for your property to be cleaned for the first time we will endeavour to find a day and a time that suits you. Once this has been arranged the same cleaners will see you on the same day and time each week or fortnight.


All our cleaners work in pairs to ensure safety, and to help you build up a rapport. This continuity allows the cleaners to be aware of any specifics you might have and keeps the cleaning to the highest possible standard.


After the first clean we will contact you to gain feedback and improve our services. The cleaners will endeavour to clean your home to your exact requirements. They can, within reason, manage anything inside of the property. Unfortunately, our insurance does not allow them to carry out tasks outside of the house.


2. What if I only want a clean every month?

All of our monthly customers are contacted the week prior to their clean. We will strive to arrange your clean at the most convenient time for yourself. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the same team or day each month.


3. How do I Pay?

Payment can be left with the cleaning staff on the day of the clean. They will leave you a completed VAT receipt for your records.


4. Will I receive the same staff?

All of our regular customers will receive the same team on the same agreed day of each week, fortnight or month. This continuity improves the service you receive and helps keep your house clean to the high standards we expect.


5. Are the staff vetted?

New Pin Clean Ltd is a service company and as a result our cleaning staff represent our company. As a result, it is vital that we continue to offer the best service, given by the best staff.


After the interview has taken place and all the relevant checks have been made, any recruit will be placed on a probationary period, whilst under taking continuous training from day one. This involves liaising with current staff and customers.


6. Are you insured?

Yes. Every member of our staff is covered by our comprehensive liability insurance scheme that ensures any accidents within the home are fully covered. It is vitally important that this is the case, as accidents do happen. Unfortunately, not every company in the domestic services' sector carries valid insurance.


7. Will you come and see my property before the clean?

If you feel it is necessary, then yes, we will come to meet you and see your property before the first clean. With over 18 years’ of experience, we have found that there can be varying discrepancies between two identical houses. The length of each clean will vary depending on the tasks each client wants completing.


8. I’m going to be out at work. Will I still receive my clean?

We are Sheffield’s largest domestic cleaning provider. Approximately half of our customers receive our services whilst at work. We are entrusted with keys and alarm codes, in order to complete your cleans. Each key is given a numeric code that has no immediate relevance to your property what so ever. Any personal information entrusted with us is kept in our safe at all times.


9. I am going away on holiday. Will I still receive my clean?

Yes. As long as we can enter the property at our agreed time then the clean will go ahead as planned. Any keys needed to enter your property can be dropped off at our office or we can arrange to pick them up at a convenient time. If you wish to cancel for the period, we would ask that you contact us directly at the office at the earliest available opportunity.


 10. Do I have to sign a contract?

No. There are no contracts to be signing. If you wish to alter or bring an end to our arrangement, then contact us directly at the office at the earliest available opportunity.


 11. Are there any extra fees?

No. All costs are kept to a minimum. There are no franchise fees, commission payments or agency fees that have to be paid. All our cleaning staff work for New Pin Clean Limited, therefore we pay them directly. As a result, we have more control and responsibility.


Please Note:

A late cancellation fee will occasionally be issued if the clean cannot be started due to a reason outside of our responsibilities, for example if a customer forgot we were coming and went out. This is kept to an absolute minimum as we still have to pay our cleaning staff.


 12. What products do you use?

We use a full range of Domestic Cleaning products specific throughout all areas of your home. All products are neutral in their PH and are completely safe to use around your home.


 13. Can the cleaners use my products?

Yes. They can use your products as long as they are not for industrial use. This can also include your vacuum cleaner.

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